Secure caravan, trailer tent, motorhome and car storage for Devon and Cornwall

We know that the security of your property is of paramount importance to you. To this end we have installed extensive CCTV and alarm systems to protect the compounds. At night the main access is locked and covered by Infra Red CCTV and intruder systems. We also live on site so there is no waiting for police or alarm companies to respond to any incident.

The site is located in a semi-rural area and has no near neighbours so we do not suffer from unwelcome visitors. There is only one vehicular access onto the site which cannot be seen from the road. We do not advertise our presence on the public highway. You have easy access to the storage compounds using a uniquely coded gate entry fob. You pay a refundable deposit on the fob which can be blocked in the event of loss. We do not invite casual visitors to the site – all new customers are invited to see us by appointment.