Secure caravan storage for Devon and Cornwall

We are a specialist caravan storage business established over 20 years with an enviable reputation for safety and security. Situated well out of sight from any public highway you really do need to know where we are to find us. Even then we are separated from prying eyes and idle curiosity by a private drive a quarter of a mile long. Our unique position is not only wonderfully discrete but is also protects the site from the worst of the elements. A Cassoa Silver awarded site your safety and security is assured. In fact, due to our location you may well find that your insurance premium is even cheaper than some Gold sites.

Our relaxed approach and specialist entry system to the outdoor compounds ensures that you have access to your property from early morning to late at night. You are free to come and go as often as you need to without reference to others. Easy-in and easy-out terms mean that you are guaranteed maximum flexibility and minimum hassle.

We also offer a limited amount of indoor storage suitable for motorhomes, cars and caravans up to about 23ft in length. There is limited availability for this very fairly priced option.

Fees For Caravan Storage

Outdoor Compounds
1 Month £33.00
3 Months £90.00
6 Months £170.00
12 Months £320.00

Indoor (Limited Availability)
1 Month £55.00
3 Months £150.00

In all cases there is an additional deposit for your entry fob of £10.00 which is refunded when you cease storing with us. Not applicable for indoors.