1. Your property is stored at your own risk and should be properly insured at all times. We exclude all liability for loss or damage except where we are found to be negligent and or in breach of duty.

2. All fees are payable in advance. We usually send reminders up to 2 weeks prior to fee due dates. We always seek to recover unpaid fees by attaching a legal lien on your property followed by the implementation of the Torts Interference of Goods Act 1977. Payment of the fee guarantees you a storage position for the period. If you terminate the contract in breach of terms we will refund for the unused period once the plot has been re-let and after deduction of a £10 administration fee and any discounts given. We reserve the right not to renew storage facilities at our absolute discretion.

3. Your gate fob deposit will be refunded upon the safe return of the fob when you finally leave the storage facility. Upon leaving the site for good you must return the fob before we consider your contract as terminated. Lost fobs are charged at £10.00 for renewal.

4. It is a condition of storage that gas bottles are removed from the caravan and that no other noxious, dangerous, hazardous, inflammable or explosive goods are stored in your property.

5. Storers dogs are not permitted on the site unless kept securely within your vehicle or caravan.

6. We are unable to offer refuse or waste disposal – please ensure that all such waste is removed from the site. We specifically exclude all liability caused by vermin infestation.

7. Please keep children under supervision – ensure they do not swing on the compound gates nor stray from the storage compound.

8. The facility is open from 7.30am (8.30am on Sundays) until 10.00pm.

9. The site speed limit is 10 mph.

10. In the event of any emergency please call at Spriddlestone House for assistance.

11. If fees remain unpaid for more than 4 weeks the storage fee rises to £10.00 per week thereafter until the fee is settled in full. If fees remain unpaid for 13 weeks or more we will apply to the courts for leave to dispose of the stored item to recover unpaid fees and costs. Access to the site will be denied if fees remain unpaid.

12. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and to terminate it with no more than 1 week’s notice in writing.

13. Caravans must not be inhabited at any time during the storage period. Caravans must not be advertised or offered for sale while on the site. This contract is not transferable.

14. Please note that, with few exceptions, your caravan should be positioned so that the number post is aligned with the centre of your caravan. We occasionally receive complaints from other users as just one badly positioned caravan has a knock on effect on the whole row. We reserve the right to adjust positioning of caravans that are positioned incorrectly and or to request immediate adjustment. Please help us to help you by careful positioning.

15. A polite reminder regarding gate security. As you no doubt know we rely heavily on you to close the gate immediately you enter or leave the compounds. Failure to secure the gates compromises the security of everyone’s property. However, we still suffer occasions whereby storers fail to lock up, leaving the gate open while they park their caravan. We hear every excuse under the sun but usually it is a variation on “I am only going to be a few minutes”. Sadly, this is all the time it takes for someone to steal a caravan. Please be advised that securing the gate is a condition of storage. Persistent offenders will find their contract terminated and or we will not invite them to renew. This may sound draconian but we simply must take the security of your property seriously.

16. Pitch Transfer Policy. Your contract with us is not transferable. If you sell your caravan at any stage you are not entitled to sell your pitch with it. Under no circumstances should you give your gate fob to the purchaser nor should you imply that they can store with us for any remaining part of your contract. It may be possible to offer the site to your purchaser if our waiting list allows. You should contact us to discus this at the point of sale. Your fob should never be given to an 3rd party under any circumstances. All visitors must be escorted by you at all times.

Key Points!
Lock yourself in and out upon arrival and leaving the site.
Do not give your fob to any 3rd part
Never promise future use of your pitch to a 3rd party